They said "It's a Miracle!" -- God's hand in Trump's Incredible Survival -- Pastor Myckal Morehouse

What do you, former US president Donald Trump and ancient Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar have in common? Find out more and explore God's plan for your life.

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About Pastor ...

Myckal Morehouse is the lead pastor at Sandpoint SDA Church. His passion is connecting families to Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word and the fellowship of God’s church. He loves the ministry and is energized in discipling Christians.

Myckal has practical experience in church growth and evangelism having traveled, preaching and teaching, in North America, Australia, and Europe in both universities and churches. He has helped many people to grasp an understanding of Bible prophecy, and gain insights into end-time events. He has been privileged to baptize hundreds of people, personally leading many of them to Christ. Myckal also has experience growing churches, and helping those he teaches to be more deeply rooted in the teachings of Scripture. His preaching style is engaging and conversational, yet deep in truth and full of the Spirit, anchoring the congregation in the unshakable foundation of scripture!

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